About us

RoboLodge is a comprehensive global robotics encyclopedia with vast information on robotics, AI, and automation. The platform thoughtfully categorizes information into four distinct categories. It includes non-industrial or service robots, unmanned vehicles and drones, training, and industrial robots and automation. Providers are the sources of accurate and up-to-date information. RoboLodge uses to offer customers a secure and reliable purchasing platform. Businesses operating in the robotics field can also take advantage of the platform to showcase their products in a competitive marketplace. The team, with over two decades of experience, actively collects and analyzes data from reputable sources to maintain high standards. RoboLodge’s mission is to ensure accessibility to this information for individuals worldwide. The team collects and categorizes data into four fields, beginning with non-industrial or service robots:

  • Non-industrial or Service robots: The category of non-industrial or service robots comprises robots for professional and personal use and non-industrial applications. It includes home appliances, toys, training kits, health care, hospitality, and more. 
  • Unmanned vehicles and drones: Self-driving or autonomous vehicles and drones for consumer and commercial uses
  • Artificial Intelligent, and training: Everything related to AI, Applications, technologies, products, and gadgets. It utilizes artificial intelligence for data analysis, predictive analytics, or task automation.
  • Industrial robots and automation: Robots and  automation products/ services which focus on industrial applications.


RoboLodge gathers accurate and up-to-date information and price from robotic providers. Our main goal is to help customers experience and ensure a safe purchase through a reliable platform. Our platform fosters an environment for businesses in the robotics field to present their products in a high-demand, competitive marketplace.







Why RoboLodge

Although robots and AI are often associated with science fiction, this can create misconceptions about their benefits and the various types available. In reality, robots are designed to assist humans and are already present in our daily lives, from digital devices to kitchen appliances. However, society still lacks awareness of their vast benefits and potential impact.

With the rapid growth of robot and AI technology, it’s important that we learn to adapt to them and integrate them into our daily environment. However, the big question is, where and how do we start? There is a vast amount of data that exists on social media and the internet, but it’s not always trustworthy or reliable. Data is constantly increasing, and millions of users are using the internet and social media. However, there is no organization or reliable website that collects, processes, analyzes, and sorts this data to help consumers and providers, like RoboLodge.

RoboLodge was designed to help people, business enterprises, trainers, and anyone seeking information about robotics, AI, and automation. Our platform provides users with a tremendous amount of data that has been sorted and analyzed to help them make informed decisions. We offer providers a competitive and high-level market to present their products and services, which helps to increase the quality and facilitate pricing by comparing users’ reviews for their own products versus competitors.

At RoboLodge, our philosophy is to incorporate robots and AI into regular life to help change people’s perspectives by increasing their knowledge. Our platform is the perfect tool for users, consumers, and providers who are seeking accurate and productive data that has been sorted and analyzed for them.

How RoboLodge works

For Providers

Companies and organizations can offer their products and services on RoboLodge’s website, a competitive environment where most robotic suppliers are aggregated in one place under an umbrella. RoboLodge is an excellent and professional marketplace for approved robotic providers to help them to improve the quality of their company’s outcome and also analyze the existing market and demands to modify their products according to the market needs.

For Consumers

Consumers will have access to a comprehensive market which represents all of the products and services in the robotic, AI, and automation fields. They can find all the information about each product, as well as being able to compare it with the similar products to find the best offer and solution that fits their needs. 

Our Mission

Robots everywhere for everybody

  • To prepare an easy-access platform for consumers
  • To bring all types of robots in the world under an umbrella to get easy access to the consumers.
  • To be familiar with existing robotics products that could help them and make their life easier.
  • To make decisions easier by comparing different types of models and brands together and finding the most suitable one

Increase the quality of robotics products

  • To make a competitive environment for robots designers and makers by gathering all in the same place
  • To make product maturity faster and easier in a healthy, competing ecosystem, and a steady market
  • To tolerate the price and customer services by comparing a variety of providers
  • To make the innovations and products get more viable by bringing all providers and consumers together on the same platform.

Creating a comprehensive robotic information database

  • By applying advanced technology to aggregate all the information related to robotics, artificial intelligence, Virtual and Augment Reality, Machine Learning, Automation, and all innovations related to these fields for training, marketing, analyzing, and development in B2C and B2B E-commerce platform.
  • Making the RoboLodge a trusted and certified brand that holds all the robotic and automation brands under its coverage and credentials.

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