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  • The 4WD Rover Pro is a mobile robot that can withstand any type of environment.


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  • The 4WD Rover Pro is a mobile robot that can withstand any type of environment.
  • With an IP67 rating these robots can be outside in any weather conditions.
  • Perfect for development of an AMR fleet or deployment as a single UGV on a mission.
  • The high-quality brush-less motors offer more longevity, higher torque and quieter operation than brushed motors.
  • The high capacity military grade lithium ion battery is state of the art in both capacity, safety and reliability.
  • The Rover Pro is our most popular robot with over 1,000 units shipped worldwide.
  • All our robot computers are configured with ROS2 Humble by default.
  • If you need another configuration please let us know.
  • The 4WD Rover Pro Pros use high torque 2050KV in-runner brush-less sensored motors.
  • By using brush-less motors it ensures our Rover Pros last a long time.
  • In-runner simply refers to the fact that the rotor is in the middle. 2050KV refers to how fast the motor spins per volt that is applied.
  • Lower values imply that the motor has more torque, and this is one of the lowest KV motors on the market.
  • In fact we customize them to lower the KV rating.
  • Sensored means that there is a built in hall effect sensor which allows the motor to spin start from a stop and spin slower than a sensor-less motor.
  • The 4WD Rover Pro Pros use a military-grade high density lithium-ion battery pack with built in over-current.
  • And under-voltage protection, state of charge monitoring, temperature monitoring, current monitoring, and voltage monitoring.
  • The operating voltage of the battery is 12V-16.8V.
  • If more than 20A is ever pulled from the battery, it will shut itself off safely.
  • All of the data from the battery is exposed with our ROS driver.

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