6 DOF Robot Arm Gowe Metal Alloy

Metal Alloy 6 DOF Robot Arm Clamp Claw & Swivel Stand Mount Kit for Arduino. It is the best robot of its type and have work efficiency.


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  • Initially Metal Alloy 6 DOF Robot Arm Clamp Claw & Swivel Stand Mount Kit for Arduino
  • Features: – Rotation angle of 180 degrees – Radius of gyration: 355mm – Height: 428cm (holder closed) –
  • Clamp Max open is 55mm – Holder of the widest distance: 98mm – With 6 Pcs Alloy servo arm. –
  • With Swivel Stand ( 5mm thickness Acrylic materials chassis, laser cut from Acrylic plate ) –
  • 6 DOF Robot Arm The Kit without servos. *
  • Basically In this clamp claw kit, you’d better use MG996R servos for the joint bears larger force,while MG995 servos for joints bears relatively smaller force.
  • Initially Items included – 4 x Multi-functional servo bracket – 3x Long U-type servo bracket – 1 x L-type servo bracket – 3 x Miniature Ball Radial Bearing – 1 x Aluminium Clamp Claw – 1 x Screw and screw cap set – 1 x
  • Aluminum Swivel base – 6 xMetal Serovo Arm plate – 1 x Acrylic chassis 1 (Not assembled, just a kit)
  • Actually DFLG6DOF is a bionic robotic arm, it consists of six servo motors, corresponding to the arm, elbow, wrist (2 degrees of freedom), five joints and one rotating base in all.
  • Both of Each joint can move in a certain range, and the base can be rotated about 180 degrees.
  • 24 channel veyron servo controller, all action can be controlled via PC software, supporting online debug and wireless control.
  • Basically In a word, this is a high cost performance, easy to use robot arm. It is real a good robot demonstration teaching platform and DIY robotic arm


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