Aiper Handheld Pilot h2

  • The Aiper Pilot H2 communicates the unit’s status via a 4-color LED indicator, so you’re always on top of your cleaning game.


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  • Because nobody wants to do a job twice, unlike other pool vacuums, the Aiper Pilot H2 was designed to reach and clean the toughest, hardest to reach spots of your pool or spa.
  • Additionally, Clean corners, stairs, behind ladders, and stubborn edges with the pivoting head and superior filtration of the Pilot H2 handheld pool vacuum.
  • Infact, Chores are bad enough on their own, figuring out how to clean shouldn’t be another chore on the list.
  • Basically, That’s why we designed the Aiper Pilot H2 to be simple, intuitive, and easy to use.
  • From powering on the device with a single button press to changing modes to maintaining your Pilot H2, we’ve made the entire process of using your pilot H2 smooth.
  • We made charging and storing your Aiper Pilot H2 as convenient as using it!
  • Both With the included charging dock, users can simply place their device on the charger and in two hours.
  • Experience the full cleaning capabilities of the Pilot H2 for a full 70 minutes
  • A powerful motor and streamlined internal structure enhance water flow, suction, and cleaning capabilities.
  • Dirt, sand, leaves, and other debris are collected with ease by the Aiper Pilot H2.
  • Great for above-ground pools, pool stairs, inflatable pools, and those troublesome corners of pools.
  • Connect the robot to your standard pool pole to get extended reach and clean more.
  • The Aiper Pilot H2 communicates the unit’s status via a 4-color LED indicator.
  • Measuring less than 50dB, the Aiper Pilot V2 wan’t disturb your oasis with unwanted, overwhelming noises.

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