Aiper Seagull SE and Aiper Pilot H1

The Seagull SE is completely cordless and hassle-free! Simply power your cleaner on and submerge it in your pool and the cleaning process automatically begins.



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The Seagull SE features a newly designed battery that only takes 2.5 hours to fully charge and provides over 90 minutes of cleaning capabilities. It is perfect for round above-ground pools up to 33′ in diameter and in-ground flat-floored pools up to 40′ X 20′.

Equipped with powerful dual-drive motors, the Seagull SE effortlessly tracks down and collects various types of dirt and debris. The cleaner features two independent brushes that work together to give your pool a deep clean.

When the battery is low or a cleaning cycle has been completed, the Seagull SE has a self-parking feature that automatically stops the cleaner near the edge of your pool. Additionally, the included hook makes retrieving your Seagull SE a breeze without the need to get wet.

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