CEORA™ Starter Kit

Lawn Size (±20): 18 acre

Charging system: Automatic

Search system: EPOS guidance

Follow guide: Virtual transport path

Weight: 160 lbs

Product size length: 48.8 in

Product size width: 42.5 in



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Get professional-quality turf without the work with CEORA™. These top-of-the-line robotic mowers feature Husqvarna EPOS™ (Exact Positioning Operating System), an innovative satellite-based technology that enables them to work within virtual boundaries, instead of physical ones. Designed for large-area mowing, CEORA™ can cover up to 6 acres with a pro sports quality cut or up to 18 acres with a regular quality cut. And with virtually-silent operation and zero emissions, CEORA™ does the ground work so your crew can focus on the details.


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