Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus

The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus effortlessly provides a superior sparkle in under two hours, saving you time and peace of mind. Specifically built for maintaining in-ground pools, this convenient pool robot has your back when it comes to serious scrubbing.


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The Dolphin Nautilus CC Plus is an efficient robotic pool cleaner with advanced features and high performance. It uses intelligent navigation to clean the pool thoroughly, including walls and waterline. Equipped with powerful suction and brushes, it removes debris and algae. With a large filter cartridge, it ensures optimal cleaning results. Known for ease of use, energy efficiency, and reliability, it makes pool maintenance hassle-free.


  • Plug’n’Play: Just plug it in, drop into the pool, for a hassle free clean
  • Wall Climbing: Provides floor and wall coverage, making your whole pool exceptionally clean
  • Easy Access Top Load Filter: No more touching the debris! Lift the filter out, unsnap the bottom and rinse
  • Energy Saver: Reduces water, chemical, and energy usage with every pool cleaning
  • CleverClean™ Smart Navigation: Smart navigation of any pool, for maximum coverage
  • Durable Brush: Unique brush, designed for enhanced scrubbing and high durability


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