Elephant Robotics P5

The Elephant Robotics P5 cobot designed by the Chinese-based Elephant Robotics company belongs to the P-series


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  • The Elephant Robotics P5 cobot designed by the Chinese-based Elephant Robotics company belongs to the P-series.
  • It is a professional collaborative robotic arms and is intended mainly for industrial and commercial applications.
  • The cobot has two modifications with the maximum payload of 3 and 5 kg (P3 and P5 models correspondingly).
  • The 6-axis compact yet powerful P3 model has a maximum payload of 5 kg and weighs only 24.5 kg. The tool speed of the robot can reach 1 m/s and the axis rotating speed is up to 208° per second.


  • Owing to high cost-efficiency, flexible operation, and compact size also.
  • The Elephant Robotics P5 can be easily integrated into any industrial environment to perform various tasks also.
  • Its efficient collision detection algorithm with an adjustable threshold prevents any potential danger.
  • When interacting with people and allows for safe collaborative work of humans and robots also.
  • The end of the arm of the model can be equipped with various end effectors, such as grippers, suction cups, wrenches, screwdrivers, and much more.
  • The installation of end effectors is simple and quick also.
  • The high performance servo motors of the  provide quick response and smooth rotation of the six joints.
  • With remarkable accuracy and repeatability also.
  • This makes the cobot suitable for a wide range of industrial and consumer applications also.
  • The Elephant Robotics is a versatile professional robotic arm providing flexible opportunities for secondary development of cross-platform software also.
  • Its ergonomic design allows using the  as a compact yet powerful industrial manipulator.
  • For various operations, such as sorting, assembling, loading, and more also.
  • Thanks to its voice control function, the operation of the  is much easier and more efficient than that of its counterparts.
  • You can check the current status of the robot and tell it to start or stop the program using voice commands.
  • Without the need for any additional control devices.
  • Another useful feature of Elephant Robotics P5 is cloud operation also.
  • You can program the  using a PC, a tablet, or a mobile phone from any place, not being bound by wires also.

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