eufy Clean G40 Hybrid+

G40 Hybrid+ plans logical routes around your home to save time and clean every part of the home faster.



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  • Avoid any dirty work with the auto-empty station’s large dust bag that stores up to 60* days of debris.
  • Triple-filtration keeps your home pure, with only trace amounts of dust and allergens escaping when G40 Hybrid+ transfers debris to the auto-empty station.
  • When the time comes to empty debris, G40 Hybrid+ is capable of transfering 97%* of vacuumed dust to the auto-empty station—making itself ready for the next clean.
  • Let G40 Hybrid+ do all the heavy lifting with 2,500 Pa of suction, backed by roller brushes that sweep up leftover dust and debris.
  • Make floors sparkle with G40 Hybrid+’s 2-in-1 design—first vacuuming up dust, then giving floors a fresh shine.


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