eufy Clean LR30 Hybrid+

RoboVac supports Amazon Alexa and the Google Assistant so you can control RoboVac with your voice while you enjoy your free time.



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  • RoboVac’s 2-in-1 design allows you to vacuum and mop at the same time for efficient cleaning. When it detects a change from hard floors to carpet, BoostIQ™️ increases the suction power for deep cleaning. RoboVac can also climb over thresholds and rugs up to 20mm thick.
  • The large-capacity dust bag can store up to 60 days* of debris, and when it is full, simply remove and throw it away.
  • RoboVac uses advanced LiDAR technology and a Z-shaped cleaning route for accurate and efficient cleaning.
  • RoboVac effortlessly sucks up debris for a deeper clean.
  • Choose a suitable water flow for your floor for a thorough clean.


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