Indoor Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner Laser Sweep Mop

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  • Indoor Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner supplier, cleaning equipment that integrates spraying, washing and sewage recycling to improve cleaning efficiency in large areas.
  • The automated vacuum cleaner is equipped with high power +high speed+ high
  • strength double-brush disc, which largely ensures efficient ground cleaning.
  • The robot vacuum and mop self-adapted design of water suction can cling to the uneven ground.
  • Easily absorb the ground stains and sewage, and effectively avoid secondary pollution.
  • The remote vacuum cleaner water supply and drainage workstation is selected to realize automatic replenishment.
  • Such as water filling, drainage and charging, so as to ensure the operation duration.



Product Name  


Indoor Clean Sweeper Robotic Wet And Dry Washing Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner CE ROHS


Model C2
clean water tank and dirty water tank 75 and 45L
Maximum speed 2KM/H
Working area 500 ~ 3000 m2
Work Time 4H
Clean Speed 3
Ceretifction ce cb rohs
Weight 110KGS
Voltage 100-240v
Size 1000*840*1200m
Package Carton 1in1



  • Indoor Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner is the perfect solution to cleaning solar panels in commercial areas also.
  • It is made in China and certified with CE ROHS also.
  • It is available in minimum order quantity of 1 piece and the price is negotiable also.
  • It is packaged in a carton and delivered within a time period depending on the order also.
  • Payment can be made via T/T and the supply ability is 300 pieces per month also.
  • This commercial robot solar panel cleaner has a low noise level and can easily cover a large area with its auto cleaning path also.
  • It has advanced work modes which include washing, mopping and vacuuming (optional) also.
  • Indoor Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner also has various cleaning modes and offers scheduling options also.

Packing and Shipping:

  • Packaging and Shipping of Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner
  • The Commercial Robot Floor Cleaner is packaged carefully to ensure that it arrives in perfect condition. It is shipped in a box with cushioning material such as bubble wrap to prevent any damage during transit.
  • The package also includes a user manual and other necessary components.
  • The package is shipped via a reliable shipping carrier to ensure prompt and safe delivery.


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