• Basically High-speed KUKA DELTA ROBOT in the hygienic machine variant for handling and picking of small parts.

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  • Basically High-speed KUKA DELTA ROBOT in the hygienic machine variant for handling and picking of small parts.
  • In a range of industries including food, pharmaceuticals and electronics.
  • The delta robot is a high mounted apparatus with the motors fixed at the base and three pre-assembled linked arms below the robot.
  • Which allows high acceleration and a large range of motion, all while being precise in execution of pick and other applications.
  • Thanks to its stainless steel body, the KUKA DELTA ROBOT is ideally equipped for hygienically sensitive areas.


  • Such as direct contact with food, medicines or electronic components also.
  • Industrial robots are an essential element within today’s factory environment, even more so within the factory of the future.
  • The demand for industrial robots stems from the need for versatile, intelligent machines able to perform repetitive tasks cost effectively.
  • With a wide range of motion whilst maintaining quality consistencies and reduced cycle time.
  • The delta robot satisfies these demands.
  • The robot’s corrosion-resistant stainless steel shell is designed according to German LFGB and US FDA.
  • Food standards and also meets European CE certification, American UL certification and German TÜV safety function certification.
  • The robot is protected against dust and moisture according to IP 67 protection class.
  • And can therefore be cleaned under high pressure and with alkaline or acidic cleaning agents.
  • Typical robotic applications include assembly and pick and place which, to satisfy.
  • Today’s manufacturing demands require continuity, speed, and precision of execution as standard.
  • The KUKA DELTA ROBOT with a payload of up to 6 kg is suitable for various fields of applications.
  • Including industries such as pharmaceuticals, electronics, and others.
  • The industrial robot operates reliably in a cylindrical work envelope with a height of 250 mm and a diameter of 1,200 mm.
  • Extremely short cycle times, of up to 0.5 seconds, are enabled.
  • The flange is suitable for mounting a wide variety of tools.

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