Landroid Vision 20v Boundaryless Robotic Lawn Mower (1/4 Acre)

Landroid Vision cuts periodically throughout the week to optimize lawn health and automatically returns to its charging station when it’s done.

There’s no need to install boundary wire—just set it down and watch it mow within the borders of the grassy area.



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  • No boundary wire installation or lawn mapping required for fully automated robotic mowing. Simply unbox and mow—Landroid Vision will use its sophisticated camera to identify grassy areas and stay where it needs to cut.
  • “Easy Install. Quick-Start Guide Here”
  • When a neighbor’s lawn touches yours, you can place the included magnetic strips to create a barrier that prevents Vision from crossing over.
  • Reliably covers areas up to 1 acre (43,560 sq. ft.) with periodic mowing throughout the week.
  • Intelligent obstacle avoidance prevents collisions with people, pets, furniture, wildlife, and other hazards to improve safety.
  • 140-degree wide angle HDR camera captures clear images of mowing area to detect every corner of the yard and provide detailed information on obstacles—such as distance and width.
  • Neural Network Mower uses AI deep learning technology to continuously improve Vision’s ability to identify mowing zones and obstacles.

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