LavvieBot S Robotic Litter Box

LavvieBot S Robotic Litter Box Behold, the revolutionary LavvieBot S Robotic Litter Box that auto-cleans, auto-refills,


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  • LavvieBot S Robotic Litter Box The Most Sophisticated Self-Cleaning Litter Box on the Market
  • The Lavviebot S Easily Stores Litter and Automatically Refills Itself
  • PurrSong App enables you to monitor the health of multiple cats in real time
  • Needs to be cleaned every 2 to 3 weeks when used with one cat
  • Maintains indoor air quality with a deodorizer
  • Imagine your home where the litter box is always clean!  Behold, the revolutionary  that auto-cleans, auto-refills,
  • Oh, and it also helps monitor the urinary health of all your cats!
  • The LavvieBot S is the safest and most innovative automatic, self-cleaning, robotic litter box on the market.
  • When the cat’s done its business in the LavvieBot S,
  • It automatically starts cleaning after a set amount of time chosen by the user between 15 and 90 minutes depending on your cat’s needs.
  • In addition, the uses a non-toxic, non-stick material on the bottom of the tray to always keep itself hygienically clean.
  • The robotic litter box LavvieBot S does more than simply separate the clumps from the good litter after your cat has left the litter box.
  • It refills itself automatically removing the chore of refilling it for up to 3 weeks.
  • LavvieBot S refills litter from its 6.5L extra storage after cleaning, maintaining a fresh bed of litter for your cat every time.
  • LavvieBot S’s indented buttons prevent cats from pressing them.
  • The robotic litter LavvieBot S also uses 3 separate sensors to recognize each cat and ensure its safety.
  • You can also easily access the inside of the LavvieBot with its convenient side door.
  • If a cat were to enter during the auto-clean cycle,
  • LavvieBot S’s highly sensitive front infrared sensor would detect its entry and safely retract the separator.

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