Loona Smart Petbot

Loona is an adorable and smart companion robot, designed to be your perfect playmate.


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  • Loona can understand thousands of instructions and provide various interesting feedback. You can play Loona’s ChatGPT games for various interactions, such as RPG games, role plays, language learning,and etc.
  • With Loona App, You can play exciting games with Loona, such as bullfighting, Laser light chasing, ball fetching, hands clapping, etc.
  • Equipped with camera, speaker, and Amazon’s AWS intelligent voice recognition service, Loona can be your reliable helper.
  • Automatic Recharge it can find her charging dock to recharge by herself. This allows her to wait for your commands almost 24 hours.
  • Quad-core Cortez A53 AI CPU. Processing 5 trillion calculation per second. Makes it one of the smartest consumer robot in the world.
  • Super intelligent creature; the strongest smart perception capabilities with powerful computing power
  • Human tracking  & Environment detection; With RGB Camera, Loona sees you; The high-definition RGB Camera can capture and track moving objects. It can recognizes you and has special reactions to you.
  • Face Recognition.
  • Operation offline
  • Gesture Recognization; Understand you even without saying.
  • Body Detection; Where you are, where she is.
  • 3D ToF LiDAR Sensor; 3D-ToF (Time of Flight) camera detects environmental obstacles and generates data to help her move swiftly in the space and navigate in the environment.
  • Waist motor; Loona has a degree of freedom on each side to lift her feet and tilt her body, giving Loona a sense of life.
  • Rear wheel motor; The Brushless DC motor allows Loona to move smoothly and quickly. Her maximum speed is 900 rpm.
  • It can be continuously updated and upgraded via OTA.

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