LT2-F Bulldog

Light Tracked Support Robot with a Multi-Axis Robotic Arm

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  • The LT2-F Bulldog Tactical Support Robot is our best-selling tactical robot.
  • Qualified in a grueling series of NIST tests, this tracked robot is a perfect balance of speed, power, size, weight, and mobility.
  • The LT2-F Bulldog has all the features of our Bloodhound with the addition of a removable multi-axis arm!
  • Actually Certainly The Bulldog can climb household stairs and obstacles.
  • For more aggressive terrain and obstacles, the LT2-F has a set of rear flipper arms to lift the robot up and over.
  • Basically They also act as a stabilizer to prevent rollover on steep inclines.
  • The removable multi-axis arm makes the Bulldog a versatile tool.
  • It’s ideal for clearing rooms, removing suspicious packages, remote observation, and more!
  • Basically The arm is easy to remove for different missions and clearance requirements.
  • Certainly Without the arm, the Bulldog can fit under cars, beds, and into tight spaces.
  • Accordingly With the arm installed, the robot can open doors, move and inspect objects, and look over furniture.
  • Certainly Our standard LT2-F package includes the robot, removable multi-axis arm, and control system.
  • Other options are available, including powerful lights, travel case, advanced cameras, and more!
  • Shoulder rotation: 180 degrees
  • Elbow rotation: 270 degrees
  • Wrist rotation: Continuous
  • Parallel Finger Gripper: 4.5in / 11.5cm opening with 65lb / 29.5kg squeeze force
  • Arm Payload: 15lbs / 6.8kgs fully extended
  • Certainly Easily removed and installed.
  • Remove the arm to navigate low clearance areas, etc. Add or remove the arm as needed.
  • Optional 5th axis: 315 degree rotating base
  • Actually Optional 6th axis: 160 degree wrist tilt
  • Basically Upgradeable to include clutches and/or feedback/position control.
  • Control your tactical robot with an Operator Control Unit (OCU).
  • Basically Our digital radio systems provide encrypted long-range control of your robot.
  • Standard Enclosed Remote: This remote is contained in a pelican style case.
  • Actually It features built in industrial joysticks. It is easy to hold and has a 12″ tablet display.
  • Repeaters and Secondary Monitoring Stations are available for all our digital control systems.

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