LT2 / LT2-F Bloodhound

Light Versatile Tracked Tactical Robot

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  • The LT2 / LT2-F Bloodhound Tactical Support Robots are our best selling tactical solutions.
  • Basically They are a perfect balance of size, speed, weight, mobility/maneuverability, and capability.
  • The LT2-F passed a series of NIST tests.
  • LT2 / LT2-F Bloodhound The LT2 is capable of climbing household stairs and obstacles.
  • The Bloodhound includes rear flipper arms, which lift the robot onto obstacles.
  • Certainly LT2 / LT2-F Bloodhound They also act as a stabilizer to prevent rollover on steep pitches.
  • These arms allow the LT2-F to climb aggressive stairs and obstacles.
  • The robot package includes the LT2 or LT2-F, a selection of a custom remote, and the selection of a front tilt camera.
  • Other accessories include lights, audio, a backup camera, and a storage case.
  • Weatherproof chassis designed to go where other robots can’t i.e., under most vehicles, beds, or other hiding areas.
  • Initially The tracked design allows this robot to climb over most obstacles and go up and down most stairs.
  • The tilting 30X optical zoom camera with lights allows the viewer to see everything even in the total darkness.
  • Survey hostile/hazardous situations staying out of harm’s way.
  • Accordingly Clear rooms and buildings remotely with audio and video surveillance.
  • LT2 / LT2-F Bloodhound This remote is contained in a pelican style case. It features built in industrial joysticks.
  • It is easy to hold and has a 12″ tablet display.
  • Repeaters and Secondary Monitoring Stations are available for all our digital control systems.
  • Basically SuperDroid Robots provides a 90-day warranty after shipment. See datasheet for full details.
  • Extended multi-year warranties, spare parts, and maintenance training are available, contact us with specific needs.
  • LT2 / LT2-F Bloodhound Service agreements are also available.
  • Accordingly Select the plan the best meets your needs below and we will provide a detailed quotation.
  • Certainly All the plans can be customized by selecting different options.
  • The quote form provides you with the ability to comment and add any additional features such as HAZMAT sensors.

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