Lynxmotion Aluminum A4WD1 Rover Kit

This is a basic A4WD1 which includes the frame and hardware, motors, hubs and wheels. It’s up the the user to add additional electronics like the motor controller, battery and control method.



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  • Robust aluminum chassis for your RC or autonomous robot experimentation
  • The A4WD1 aluminum robot includes 4 Lynxmotion 12VDC 200rpm, 0.78Kg-cm GHM-16 w/ rear shaft
  • A powerful development platform (no electronics)
  • Chassis measures 8″ wide, 9.75″ long and 4″ high (approx)
  • Overall dimensions including wheels are 12″ x 13.5″ x 4.75″
  • The robots are capable of carrying 5lbs of payload
  • Wheels may vary

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