Makeblock mBot + Coding Box

Embrace the Exciting World of Robotics with Detailed Coding Projects with Makeblock mBot!



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  • With the mBot Coding Box, grasping the essential concepts of robotics programming is a breeze. Learn, practice, and then apply these skills in the real world with plenty of laughter!
  • Building a robot from scratch is easy and fun! The user-friendly design and clear visual instructions make assembling a mBot easy.
  • mBot makes STEM subjects accessible and affordable. Getting kids interested and engaged in the classroom is essential for teaching.
  • The mBolck Blocky has designed game levels that are easy to understand and learn from. Unlock different knowledge, and master new programming skills one by one.
  • Kids will be able to control the robot to perform simple tasks through the drag-and-drop programming software.
  • Kids can explore coding at their own pace, fostering motivation, developing a deep love for coding, and finally honing skills that extend far beyond coding.

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