mBot Neo

Matatalab produces high-quality affordable STEM products to aid children’s education. Enhance your child’s development in a fun and engaging way that all the family can enjoy.


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Learning Coding Made Easy

Coding with mBlock, kids will start with block-based coding, and upgrade to Python programming in the same platform.

Coding Projects for Kids

Support coding learning and STEM education with various game-based coding boxes. Easier, faster, and more fun to learn to code.

Build Various Robotics Projects

mBot Neo Shield can connect with more than 30 electronics and LEGO bricks, enabling kids to build various robotics and STEM projects.

AI and IoT integrated robot

mBot Neo can combine with mBuild modules to achieve intelligent functions, such as voice control, smart camera, and more.

Most Powerful Robot Kit in Its Class

mBot Neo has the most potent and versatile microcontroller, electronic and mechanical parts, mBlock open-source software, and enrich learning resources.

Beginner-friendly Coding Robot

With its simple and compact design, mBot Neo is easy to assemble (30mins), store, and start coding with, making a perfect robot-building kit for beginners.

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