MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot – V2 (Configurable)

MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot – V2 Inspect hard-to-reach areas with the MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot.


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  • MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot – V2 Inspect hard-to-reach areas with the MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot.
  • This inspection crawler uses a tether to transmit crystal-clear video to the controller.
  • The robot and its tether, controller, and charger all fit in a rugged transport case for portability and quick setup.
  • Basically For added convenience, the MLT-JR, and its controller run off of DeWalt batteries, allowing you to swap the robots batteries and keep operating.
  • The MLT-JR crawler uses a pan/tilt camera system to make inspecting easy.
  • Initially Powerful LED lights make it easy to spot details in even the darkest corners.
  • This tethered inspection robot excels in areas where wireless signals are unreliable.
  • The MLT-JR inspection robot can tackle tunnels, culverts, areas with electrical interference, and more.
  • This tethered crawler records 1080p HD video onto an onboard MicroSD card for later review.
  • Certainly Need to capture every detail? Upgrade the MLT-JR crawler with a 10x optical zoom camera.
  • Pipe and Culvert Inspection – Compact and lightweight to easily fit inside pipes, ducts, culverts, etc. as you control this robot from the supplied remote.
  • Concurently tether provides solid control in areas where wireless control would fail
  • MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot – V2 Entry into difficult areas –
  • This tracked robot is very quick and has the ability to traverse many obstacles that often stop other robots
  • Remote Camera Operation: This option enables you to stop and start the recording to the SD card remotely.
  • Accordingly This feature also allows you to take snapshots while inspecting.
  • Comparatively We recommend this option as it makes the inspection documentation process a lot easier and more organized.
  • Tracked robot platform, fully assembled and tested
  • Basically MLT-JR Tethered Inspection Robot – V2 Pelican case remote
  • Color HD Camera with LED lights
  • 100 foot ethernet cable
  • Battery chargers
  • SD card
  • Basically Durable plastic foam-lined storage case
  • It comes with best performance and efficiency.

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