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Bittle, a pre-assembled robotic dog kit, is an excellent way to spend hours enjoying realistic movements. It is a servo-activated bionic dog that can be easily controlled using a remote or mobile app, and its playtime is up to an hour. Moreover, Bittle is an incredible tool to learn about coding, STEAM, STEM, and robotics. You can use block-based coding like Scratch, or advanced programming techniques like Arduino IDE and C++/Python to teach Bittle new tricks, and improve your engineering, physics, and problem-solving skills. Additionally, Bittle can be programmed to perform AI tasks with the use of intelligent camera modules or other compatible sensors. As an open-source platform.


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The Petoi Bittle is a robot dog that you can build and program on your own, featuring a modular design with a Raspberry Pi, servos, and other components. With the ability to add or remove parts, you can easily customize Bittle to meet your needs.

One of the most impressive features of Bittle is its advanced motion capabilities, which include walking, running, jumping, and backflips. This makes it an agile and versatile robot dog, aided by sensors like a gyroscope and accelerometer that help it navigate its environment.

Moreover, Bittle is highly programmable, based on an open-source architecture that allows for easy customization of its code. You can program Bittle to perform tricks and behaviors, and even experiment with artificial intelligence and machine learning.

In conclusion, the Petoi Bittle is a fascinating tool for exploring the potential of robotics and AI. Whether you’re interested in learning about engineering, programming, or just want a cool new pet, Bittle is a great option with its customizable design and impressive capabilities.

Key Features

  • Highly Programmable for Lifelike Behaviors of a Four-Legged Robot
  • Easy to Develop AI Applications of Bionic Robot Dog
  • C++, Python & Scratch-like Block Coding
  • Highly Extensible with Raspberry Pi & Arduino Ecosystem
  • suitable for adults and children over the ages of 14
  • The Li-ion battery pack for about one hour of continuous walking.
  • Bittle can carry 1lb of weight.

Click to view the Petoi Robot Dog in action:

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