Based on an added seventh axis in its second arm, the R-1000iA/120F-7B gains more agility, making it ideal for material handling and spot welding. Nevertheless, its’ compact design enables it to fully operate within small work cells, reaching the same cycle times as the six-axis.


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  • Ability to fold and shorten its second arm due to seventh axis allowing it to work within small work cells and narrow environments. Its design prevents interference contours due to integrated services in the arm
  • Capable of handling heavy payloads due to an enhanced payload of 120 kg and possibility to fold back the arm without changing its gun positioning
  • While handling the same payload (e.g. 100 kg), compared to the six-axes, the seven-axes can perform more complex tasks
  • R-30iB Plus controller for FANUC robots
    -more flexible appearance
    -improved user interface with the new iHMI
    -setup guides for programming
    -increased memory (DRAM 1GB, FROM 256 MB) for an increased higher productivity
  • Get even more out of your industrial robot with tailor-made FANUC accessories and software options such as the SpotTool, iRVision or Dual Check Safety (DCS) software. Make your robot smarter and capable of self-improving productivity using the unique Learning Vibration Control.

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