R3 Vac

The R3 VAC is the complete vacuum solution: specially designed for offices, retail stores, community spaces and other indoor areas with high traffic.


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  • With a twin roller and microfibre brush set up, the R3 Vac picks up debris and fine dust like a pro, in a single pass – so you always know you will get the best clean possible.
  • With its compact size, extensive sensors and complete brush set up, the R3 Vac can clean 0cm to edges and under tables – giving you the best coverage possible.
  • Complete ergonomic design coupled with premium materials that are built to last for 5 years. With tool-free maintenance and zero-touch cleaning, using daily is a breeze.
  • Equipped with side brushes that deliver 0cm edge cleaning for a comprehensive clean at every corner, the R3 Vac combines both microfibre and brush rollers to cater to different surfaces be it hard concrete floors, vinyl or delicate carpets. At only 655mm tall – a compact size for a professional cleaning robot – the R3 Vac is nimble enough to clean even under tables easily.

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