Roomba® s9+ & Braava jet® m6 Bundle

Our legacy premium robot vacuum works together with our most powerful mop, perfect for larger homes in need of a high-powered vacuuming and mopping cleaning duo.



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  • The Roomba® s9+ robot vacuum is perfect for larger homes in need of a high-powered vacuuming solution. PerfectEdge® Technology with advanced sensors optimizes cleaning deep into corners and along edges, while the superior 3-Stage Cleaning System lifts, loosens, and eliminates dirt with 100% more power-lifting suction1 for a deep clean.
  • From quick spills and spots to weekly whole-floor mopping, the Braava jet® m6 robot mop mops like you would, using the Precision Jet Spray to help tackle sticky messes. Attach a Braava jet® Cleaning Pad and the robot automatically selects the cleaning method.
  • Designed for larger homes, our powerful cleaning combination delivers cleaning excellence, making your floors perfectly barefoot-friendly. Imprint® Link Technology, only from iRobot, syncs the products together to tell the Braava jet® m6 robot to mop after the Roomba® s9+ robot vacuum has finished vacuuming.


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