Ruko F11

A direct command on the drone, coupled with a Quick Start Guide and a straightforward instruction manual, makes the flight safer and easier even for kids and beginners.



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  • The transmitter can be charged directly, which saves you more time by not having to replace the battery like others. The one-key functions on it can also bring more convenience.
  • Even without the app or controller, the drone can capture your gesture quickly and collect your fleeting but happy and precious moments. Easy operation for beginners.
  • With shock absorption function, which helps to avoid the camera vibration, ensures a more stabilized video quality and makes it easier to get a clear and smooth picture.
  • Simply draw a route on the app screen, set maximum 16 points on the map, the drone would automatically follow and fly along the pointed way points. Customize a unique fly path as you wish!
  • By pushing the automatical circle fly button and setting the radius, the drone will automatically fly a circle around the phone. 360° shooting without dead ends, helps capture the wonderful moments you want in all directions.
  • In the follow-me mode, the drone follows you automatically wherever you move. It keeps you in the frame and helps to record uninterruptedly (Without obstacle avoidance, please use it carefully).

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