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    • SCT-32-W  this custom tracked robot is our easy to use solution for inspecting pipes, culverts, etc with a 10″ inner diameter or larger.
    • Basically The Treaded Waterproof Pipe and Duct Inspection Robot is controlled with an enclosed case remote.
    • The image is displayed on the touchscreen display.
    • The mobile robot is programmed and fully assembled complete with remote and charger.
    • SCT-32-W No additional equipment is needed to get started!
    • The robot has a PTZ dome camera mounted on the front, so you can see where you are going and inspect everything around the robot.
    • Certainly The pan goes 360 degrees and the tilt is 0 to +90 degrees.
    • The camera has a 10X optical zoom.
    • A second fixed camera is provided that faces in the rear to check on the tether and back out of the pipe or culvert.
    • SCT-32-W All the camera functions are controlled from the remote as you stream the video.
    • The robot comes with a 500ft tether with cable spool for easy deployment of the robot and use the hand crank.


    • LED lights are also included on the front and back of the robot to illuminate whatever the camera is facing.
    • Accordingly The lights can be remotely turned on and off using the controller.
    • The robot itself is extremely rugged and well-built.
    • SCT-32-W The tracks are molded without a splice, axle mounted.
    • Direct driven by powerful right-angle 32mm gear motors.
    • The chassis is rugged, welded together and made from aluminum that is cut using a CNC Plasma table.
    • The tracks and drive motors are in individual self-contained assemblies.
    • This design allows the robot to have two different track configurations.
    • Basically dOne configuration is for narrow pipes (as small as 10″ ID).
    • The other is for larger pipes so that the robot has more stability and the camera can sit up higher in the pipe.
    • SCT-32-W Everything is included and configured.


    • Connect the robot and controller via the tether, turn it on, and drive the waterproof pipe inspection robot with the controller while watching live video streaming.
    • The controller program can be used to record the video feed.

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