Shark® Detect Pro™ Self-Empty Robot Vacuum

The Detect Pro™ robot vacuum is powered by 3 deep-cleaning technologies that enable the robot to maximize performance by sensing mess level, floor type, and edges & corners.



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  • Three powerful cleaning technologies detect and react to hidden dirt, different floor types, and edges for up to 50% better debris pickup.
  • NeverStuck Technology™ ensures you don’t have to babysit your robot. It lifts & lowers to maneuver over obstacles, cross thresholds, and easily avoid getting stuck.
  • DirtDetect Technology senses dirtier areas and automatically boosts suction and vacuums in a figure eight pattern taking multiple passes to remove the mess.
  • Detect Pro does not miss a cleaning detail with Edgedetect. It uses blasts of air to pull debris out from corners and edges into its cleaning path delivering 50% better edge cleaning.
  • Captures and traps 99.97%* of dust and allergens in the base (*down to .3 microns) keeping it out of the air you breathe. And with Odor
  • Neutralizer technology, the base traps bad odors for a fresher smelling home. Automatically empties into the bagless base after each clean.

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