ABB SWIFTI CRB 1100 ultra-fast Cobot, combines industrial-level performance and innovative safety, SafeMove technology, Wizard Easy Programming software.




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  • SWIFTI™ CRB 1100 is a lightning-fast cobot that combines industrial-level performance and innovative safety. It combines the best of both worlds: collaborative safety and high performance and precision.
  • Bridges the gap between collaborative and industrial robots. It enables proven safe collaborative operation even in applications that demand industrial-level speed and lifting capabilities.
  • Offers a maximum Tool Center Point (TCP) speed of over 5 meters per second, 5 times faster than other 4Kg robots and comparable with industrial robots.

No experience in programming robots? No problem, lead-through programming, plus our graphical Wizard easy programming and SafeMove configurator App on the FlexPendant help reduce the complexity.

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