TARQAN’s features and powerful software outshine many other AMRs in the market, providing businesses with faster and more efficient fulfillment operations.


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  • TARQAN is powered with an intelligent fleet management system, mapping out the best routes to better manage peak periods and facilitate seamless operations.
  • TARQAN’s increased safety measures cultivate industry 5.0 which allows for the perfect harmony between humans and robots.
  • While a person collects 120-150 products per hour, TARQAN collects 400-500 products per hour, increasing workforce efficiency by 300%.
  • An ordinary AMR may save you time, but the high efficiency in goods-to-person processes save you time by 3x, money by 2x and labor by 3x.
  • 99.99% accuracy in order picking, mitigates risks, eliminates order delays, and avoids incorrect orders, ultimately improving customer experiences.
  • With a height of only 194mm, TARQAN is the thinnest AMR in its class. So, as it can get under the narrowest racks, you gain 10% more storage capacity compared to others.

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