The UFACTORY Lite 6 is a high-performance industrial robotic arm that is primarily designed for high-precision tasks, easy deployment


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  • The UFACTORY Lite 6 is a high-performance industrial robotic arm that is primarily designed for high-precision tasks, easy deployment, and also safe operation.
  • Alongside human staff in dynamic environments also.
  • With all the necessary characteristics, it represents an easy-to-use machine with advanced compatibility.
  • Additionally Graphical programming interface, and ample development capabilities.
  • Being a powerful robot for production spheres, it can handle various industrial challenges 24/7.
  • Apart from remarkable speed and repeatability.
  • The machine provides intuitive and quick-to-learn control options.
  • As drag teaching, making it a perfect device both for beginners and experienced manufacturers looking for advanced automation opportunities.
  • Due to reliable safety protocols, the UFACTORY  is perfect for harmonious work with people of multiple sectors and skills.
  • The UFACTORY  combines lightweight yet durable design, great working radius, and seamless integration.
  • With different accessories, which makes it an ideal device for precision work, machine tending, picking, visual automation.
  • Or research in modern industries where repetitive tasks take a lot of human time and effort.
  • Another appealing feature of the UFACTORY Lite 6  is its plug-and-play architecture.
  • Thanks to which the device can be used right out of the box, with no technician needed.


  • Processing quality
  • Applications
  • Working range
  • Robot controls and software
  • Look and feel
  • Price
  • The UFACTORY possesses outstanding reliability coupled with high maneuverability and professional accuracy.
  • It features 6 axes and is able to repeat the same movement within ±0.02 mm at a maximum speed of 1 m/s.
  • In combination with 5 kg payload, this lets it perform even the most difficult precision tasks with ease.
  • According to the needs of modern industries.
  • The machine is engineered with industrial-grade harmonic drive and servo motors with 17-bit encoder. That guarantee consistent 24/7 operation.
  • Crafted from carbon fiber and aluminum, the system weight is reduced by 50%, which ensures streamlined deployment.
  • The UFACTORY Lite 6 is fully operational from 0 °C to 50 °C.


  • Gripper
  • Vacuum gripper
  • BIO gripper
  • 6-Axis force torque sensor
  • Linear motor

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