• V2 WHITE CLEANING ROBOT is the First Ever Connected Vacuum Cleaning Robots.


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  • V2 WHITE CLEANING ROBOT is the First Ever Connected Vacuum Cleaning Robots.
  • Thanks to its unique adaptive technology, easy clean BOT cleaning robots fit your home environment perfectly.
  • Through USB interface and free online easy clean platform.
  • Your robot automatically mirrors its performance and moves depending on the size of your apartment or house.
  • Its furnishings obstruction, the number of rooms to be cleaned and the nature of your floor.
  • A major and exclusive innovation, making easy clean robots among the products offering the best coverage and vacuum efficiency of the market.


  • Slimmest Design Ever
  • TORNADE™ Vacuum
  • Lithium Battery
  • Efficient on all Floors
  • Weekly Schedule
  • Hygienic Bin System
  • Up to 90m² Coverage
  • V2 WHITE CLEANING ROBOT consumes only what it needs. Because it knows better your home than any other robot, Eileen BOT.
  • PETS automatically adjusts its cleaning time, depending on the number of rooms and square feet to cover.
  • Saving battery and brushes time of life. Eileen takes care of your home, but also save your money.
  • Delivering The Ideal Performance.
  • Autonomous and Intelligent in all respects, it vacuums through your home with an impressive discretion, and ensure everyday clean floors.
  • That makes a big difference.
  • Unlike NiMH batteries, lithium-ion material provides extended durability and a much greater performance.
  • No memory effect and no loss of autonomy.
  • Its characteristics make this battery the current best solution for powering the most advanced mobile devices and electric cars.
  • Reigning Champion of Pet’s Hair.
  • Its new main brush patented V2 WHITE CLEANING ROBOT and its wide 800 ml bin, make this robot model best suited for pets owners with less maintenance hassle.
  • For your convenience add additional accessory pack with your purchase.

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