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uMobileLab: a modular automation solution to assist your laboratory staff. Seamlessly integrates into existing workflows and lab environments, improving your team’s efficiency and wellbeing.

  • Automatically performs de-capping, liquid handling and pipetting. Reads barcodes and recognizes objects.
  • Loads & operates lab equipment such as centrigues & analyzers. Conducts reflex testing & monitors sample levels.
  • Communicates seamlessly with your lab information system (LIMS). Is able to navigate automatic doors and elevators. Moves smoothly around your laboratory staff.
  • uMobileLab autonomously streamlines your lab processes and automatically prioritizes emergency tasks
  • Cutting-edge programming for precision to work in complex and delicate laboratory environments.
  • Highly modular design and configuration options tailor to your individual requirements and lab environment.
  • Designed with the highest standards of human safety and data privacy.
  • Our intuitive uGO software allows your team members to setup and modify workflows within seconds via drag & drop.

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