Vacuum 40

Vacuum 40 (Vac 40) is an ideal solution for commercial spaces, from hospitality environments to schools, with large common areas and lobbies.


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The newest addition to our suite of autonomous floor cleaning solutions, Vac 40, is a 3-in-1 solution that vacuums, sweeps and dust mops. Vac 40 works alongside human teams and other robotics solutions, like Whiz, to give staff time back to focus on other high-value tasks. Vac 40 achieves simultaneous vacuuming and sweeping on carpets, as well as sweeping and dry mopping on hard floors. Supported by LiDAR and 3D cameras, it can identify floor types and switch to the suitable cleaning mode autonomously.

  • With the optional charging dock, Vac 40 can perform power charging by itself for maximum efficiency.

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