Elon Musk Teases Tesla’s New Optimus Gen-2 Robot with a Funky Treat at the End: Watch the Video Here!


Tesla’s Optimus Gen-2 is a humanoid robot that has come a long way since the firm’s first Bumble-C machine in 2022.

The Optimus Gen 2 machine is an upgrade on the first version of Optimus, which was revealed in March.

In a recent promotional video[1], Optimus Gen 2 demonstrates fine control over its hands and fingers using six actuators — devices that convert energy and signals into motion.

Its fingers also possess tactile sensing, which means it can understand how much pressure it needs to apply in certain contexts — when holding eggs, for example.

It can also manipulate objects delicately, according to Tesla’s video. The machine’s neck is also designed with two degrees of freedom (2-DoF), which is a basic level of motion in robotics that’s suited to many everyday tasks.

The artificial intelligence (AI) technology that drives the robot was also revealed to have trained on footage and motion-capture data from a human demonstrating specific actions, such as gripping different objects from a tray.

Tesla’s released its first robot, Bumble-C in September 2022. The robot doesn’t have the advanced capabilities of some competitor robots, such as Atlas from Boston Dynamics.

However, the Optimus Gen 2 machine can manipulate delicate objects with its fingers, and its tactile sensing technology allows it to understand how much pressure it needs to apply in certain contexts, making it a promising tool for a variety of tasks.

Watch the Video from link below:


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