Arc Welding Robot ARC Mate 120iD

An ideal all-round welding robot, the ARC Mate 120iD’s slim articulated design means it excels at welding in narrow jigs. It features a new drive train for significantly higher axis speeds.


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  • The ARC Mate 120iD series features a fully integrated welding hose pack and cable management system.
  • Specially designed to minimise interference, the ARC Mate 120iD’s J2 arm is ideally suited for welding in narrow and difficult to reach spaces.
  • Large 57 mm diameter hollow wrist and hollow arm for trouble-free cable routing and maximum snag-free access.
  • This robot model is integrated into the FANUC’s own offline programming software ROBOGUIDE. ROBOGUIDE is a powerful tool that enables integrators, planners and users to design cells, systems and motions offline.


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