ATHOS Cattle feeding robot

  •  ATHOS Cattle feeding robot is best for ESPECIALLY FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM OPERATIONS. HAY-TMR & SILAGE-TMR You probably know that your cows

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  •  ATHOS Cattle feeding robot is best for ESPECIALLY FOR SMALL TO MEDIUM OPERATIONS. HAY-TMR & SILAGE-TMR You probably know that your cows like to select hay or silage cut a certain way.
  • Hetwin has also now for small or middle size operations an innovative solution developed in two parts.
  • The first part a pre-mixer with especially developed cutting system, which cuts in a few minutes long hay or silage balls into a homogeneous fresh mixed ration.
  • The second part is taken over by the rail guided feeder robot “Athos” who distributes at intervals during the day the fresh ration to the programmed groups.
  • Therefore you can be sure all of your animals receive a fresh mixed ration of food.
  • This increases the food intake which leads to an increase in milk production and improves animal health.
  • The system also distributes the food fairly.


  • Robots have relatively minor variations in their physical form.
  • Still, they can vary widely in their onboard technology, depending on their specific use case and the environment in which they operate. Here, we will categorize them based on their primary weed detection and removal method.
  • Guided by artifical intelligence the ATHOS Cattle feeding robot controls an in-house build removal system towards weed plants.
  • Whilst avoiding accidental damage to the crop plants.
  • These machines also use a vision system to identify weeds but differ in how they deal with them.
  • Instead of uprooting the weed, these robots employ precision spraying mechanisms to apply a targeted dose of herbicide directly onto the detected weed.
  • Weeding robots offer exceptional precision in weed detection and removal through machine learning and advanced vision systems.
  • This capability minimizes the risk of damaging crops during the weeding process.
  • Moreover, certain weeding robots using multispectral imaging can even identify and eliminate weeds at their early growth stages, which can be challenging for human laborers.
  • There are growing concerns that remains of herbicides might end up in the human food chain and affect well being.
  • Therefore, it is can operate with incredible accuracy and precision while keeping the overall weight low.
  •  ATHOS Cattle feeding robot is produced in two versions, which on the outside are identical, but differs on the inside.
  • You can also obtain parts from our service partners.
  • At Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online.

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