Astronaut A5 Cows milking robot

  • With the Astronaut A5 Cows milking robot you achieve optimal freedom of movement for your cows.
  • With free cow traffic, the cows decide themselves

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  • With the Astronaut A5 Cows milking robot you achieve optimal freedom of movement for your cows.
  • With free cow traffic, the cows decide themselves when to eat, drink, relax or be milked.
  • Features such as the hybrid arm and the I-flow concept contribute to the cows’ natural rhythm and increase the milking robot’s capacity. A healthy and stress-free cow means more milk in the tank.
  • Return on investment Every farmer is looking for a significantly lower cost per kilogram of milk produced.
  • This Astronaut is built with a limited number of fast and decisive electrical movements, making it highly energy efficient.
  • Due to the innovative hybrid arm, energy consumption goes down while performance increases – faster and secure attachment with a larger reach.
  • Also it provides Ease of use One display is all you need for an easy first milking.
  • The user-friendly interface makes it easy to find your way around functions, settings, information, and important reports.
  • Automatic milking as it should be, giving you the time to enjoy farming while having total control over your herd also.
  • Providing the best usability, accessibility and serviceability, all in one system.
  • Peace of mind The Lely Astronaut A5 is designed with a focus on longevity and reliability.
  • The more you can rely on the Astronaut, the better you can make use of the saved hours and flexibility.
  • To be outstanding in terms of reliability and uptime, we eliminated critical components and extended the lifetime of others.
  • This Astronaut is built for peace of mind.


  • Robots have relatively minor variations in their physical form.
  • Still, they can vary widely in their onboard technology, depending on their specific use case and the environment in which they operate. Here, we will categorize them based on their primary weed detection and removal method.
  • Guided by artifical intelligence the Astronaut A5 Cows milking robot controls an in-house build removal system towards weed plants.
  • Whilst avoiding accidental damage to the crop plants.
  • These machines also use a vision system to identify weeds but differ in how they deal with them.
  • Instead of uprooting the weed, these robots employ precision spraying mechanisms to apply a targeted dose of herbicide directly onto the detected weed.
  • Weeding robots offer exceptional precision in weed detection and removal through machine learning and advanced vision systems.
  • This capability minimizes the risk of damaging crops during the weeding process.
  • Moreover, certain weeding robots using multispectral imaging can even identify and eliminate weeds at their early growth stages, which can be challenging for human laborers.
  • There are growing concerns that remains of herbicides might end up in the human food chain and affect well being.
  • Therefore, it is can operate with incredible accuracy and precision while keeping the overall weight low.
  • Astronaut A5 Cows milking robot is produced in two versions, which on the outside are identical, but differs on the inside.
  • You can also obtain parts from our service partners.
  • At Steenks Service you can do that quickly and easily online.

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