CR-35iB Collaborative Robot

The CR-35iB is not only a FANUC but the world’s strongest collaborative robot with a lifting capacity of up to 50 kg. The load capacity combined with its extensive reach and safety certification makes it ideally suited to a wide range processes involving heavy lifting and positioning that was traditionally carried out by humans.


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  • The CR-35iB can handle objects up to 50 kg, making it ideal for processes that expose workers to the risk of repetitive strain and other work-related injuries. Its versatility is enhanced by an extensive reach (1643-1831mm), making it suitable for a large variety of applications.
  • To prevent the risk of snagging and cable wear, all cables can be routed through the robot’s large 57 mm diameter hollow wrist and hollow arm. An additional mounting facility on the J3 arm enables close mounting of end effector control equipment.
  • Due to its collaborative nature, CR-35iB works in cooperation or alongside humans in a shared work environment. The whole CR series is equipped with ultra-safe FANUC contact stop protection based on proven sensor technology, so humans safety is assured while fences are no longer needed.
  • The extra smooth surfaces of the CR series helps to minimise dust and dirt build up. Thanks to IP67 protection on its arm and wrist axis, it is well suited for dirty environments.
  • As with all FANUC robots, the CR series can be equipped with a FANUC 2D and 3D Vision Systems which can enable the robot to locate and position parts and workpieces.
  • The CR-35iB maybe green to indicate its collaborative nature but as with any Yellow FANUC robot ensures the same high reliability and uptime due to well proven technology and ease of repair.

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