Equipped with a lightweight upper arm and inline wrist, and weighing just 205 kg, the M-20iB/35S delivers high inertia and lifts a full 35 kg. This, combined with its compact design and narrow arm, makes it ideally suited to numerous highpayload machine tending and loading applications in a small footprint.


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  • The M-20iB/35S boasts an incredible strength-to-weight ratio and has been designed to achieve faster cycles and increased throughput on a range of applications.
  • No exposed cables and motors for minimal interference and maximum reliability. Connectors don’t protrude, and the cables are shielded along the arm.
  • Fully able to cope with the spray, moisture and dirt associated with many machining processes, the M-20iB/35S comes fully encapsulated to IP67 standard.
  • R-30iB Plus controller for FANUC robots
    -more flexible appearance
    -improved user interface with the new iHMI
    -setup guides for programming
    -increased memory (DRAM 1GB, FROM 256 MB) for an increased higher productivity

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