CR-7iA and CR-7iA/L

I’m small, flexible and can work right by your side. I take care of light (up to 7 kg) but tedious and repetitive, manual tasks that include different types of material handling, which would otherwise consume an immense amount of your time.


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  • I am built with the intent to facilitate your work life, free you from mindless tasks that hinder you from focusing on more diversified, skilled or complex jobs. Working side-by-side, I automate your business processes, and this way increase the productivity while keeping you safe from strain and work-related injuries. Based on my long reach, machine tending as well as palletizing applications are optimal tasks for me. Furthermore, I am highly suited to operate in a wide range of industries such as the automotive, packaging, distribution and metalworking industries.
  • Driven to cooperate – without the need for safety fences – I take charge of executing manual, repetitive tasks at the same pace and dexterity as a human. My integrated, smart sensor technology makes me stop instantly once I collide with a fixed object or person, which is a fact, just check out my safety certificates TUV ISO 10218–1:2011, Category 3, PL=d.
  • I operate like any other FANUC robot because on the inside I’m just like any other FANUC robot. This means that I based myself on familiar, proven technology and I use the standard FANUC interface, making it easy to learn, to program and set me up.
  • Depending on your needs, I can be equipped with a FANUC Vision Sensor or a FANUC 3D Area Sensor, which enables me to locate or envision workpieces.
  • I am able to handle objects up to 7 kg and I can especially come in handy when having to lift bulky, sharp or hazardous objects for you. Let me take care of such unpleasant tasks instead.
  • In case I should at some point need assistance, you can count on FANUC’s worldwide service and support for repairs, spare parts, or any other kind of request. Just contact us.

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