Dorna 2

Dorna 2 is an industrial-grade tabletop robotic arm engineered for demanding industrial applications.


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  • Basically Dorna 2 is an industrial-grade tabletop robotic arm engineered for demanding industrial applications.
  • Dorna 2 Its intuitive control interface ensures ease of use.
  • Initially The advanced motion-generating engine can produce smooth, fast, and complex motion trajectories for the robot and up to three additional axes.
  • Certainly The robot’s compact design and low maintenance requirements make it an
  • excellent choice for simple pick-and-place tasks or lab automation applications.
  • The Dorna 2 Dorna Lab does not require any installation or special teach pendant and allows robot programming,
  • Initially simulation, and monitoring on any device with a web browser, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Easily program the robot by freely moving the robot, touching the target points, and asking the robot to repeat the same task precisely,
  • Certainly due to the robot’s light body and back drivable joints.
  • This robot Dorna Lab offers an easy and intuitive graphical interface using Blockly.
  • Drag and drop different code blocks and more complex logic to create a complete program for
  • Dorna robot with no specialized training or programming skills required.
  • Initially Robot is equipped with Python for more advanced applications.
  • Directly develop, host, and run your Python program inside the robot controller, and access it via Dorna Lab in any web browser.
  • Dorna 2 enjoys a fully closed loop control system that guarantees position accuracy,
  • repeatability and consistency of the robot at any speed.
  • Dorna 2 high performance motion planning engine is capable of traversing lines, circles and complex paths.
  • The controller supports up to 3 additional closed loop axes
  • that are fully synced with the other joints of the robot which can be used for rail,
  • Dorna 2 conveyor belt, turntable, or any other actuator.
  • The controller is equipped with several I/Os for interacting with sensors, actuators, and other devices.

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