Dorna 2S

A superior version of the Dorna 2 series. It is a compact and lightweight robot designed to meet the ease of use, speed, accuracy, and versatility requirements for today’s industrial automation.


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  • Certainly Dorna 2s It is a compact and lightweight robot designed to meet the ease of use, speed, accuracy, and versatility.
  • A superior version of the Dorna 2 series.
  • Basiclly Requirements for today’s industrial automation.
  • Four programmable IO pins and two air-ports available at the head of the robot make the connection to various devices easier and cleaner.
  • Initially High-resolution absolute encoders on all joints, provide accurate and repeatable positioning with no homing required at the startup.
  • A novel braking mechanism activates when the power is abruptly disconnected, preventing crashing and damaging robot or workspace.


  • Dorna 2S With an adjustable collision detection, the robot can operate in enclosed area at higher speed or lower speed around human workers.
  • Basically The rigid aluminum body along with reinforced joints make
  • Certainly Dorna 2S a reliable platform for demanding industrial applications.
  • With more powerful motors, the robot can now run at higher speeds and higher payloads.
  • Basically Dorna Lab does not require any installation or special teach pendant and allows robot
  • programming, simulation, and monitoring on any device with a web browser, such as a computer, tablet, or smartphone.
  • Dorna Lab offers an easy and intuitive graphical interface using Blockly.
  • Drag and drop different code blocks and more complex logic to create a complete program for
  • Dorna 2S Dorna robot with no specialized training or programming skills required.
  • Dorna Lab is equipped with Python for more advanced applications. Directly develop, host, and run your
  • Python program inside the robot controller, and access it via Dorna Lab in any web browser.
  • Opting for the Care warranty offers you an additional level of support to seamlessly launch and sustain your automation project.
  • This warranty ensures a smooth onboarding process,
  • encompassing programming services and prompt resolution of any issues that may arise with the robot.


    • . Controller
    • 2. Robot Arm
    • 3. Power Cord
    • 4. Controller To Arm Cable
    • 5. Ethernet Cable

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