CRX-10iA/L Collaborative Robot

The CRX-10iA/L Collaborative Robot with a 10kg payload, 1,418mm reach and unique underflip motion renders it a perfect solution.


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  • The CRX features the same reliable safety features as our other collaborative robots: Its sensors are sensitive and trigger an immediate safety stop at the touch of a human body.
  • Integrate third party peripheral devices easily with FANUC approved End of Arm Tooling (EOAT), accessories and plugins. FANUC knows the needs of the market and provides all possible options as camera systems (iRVision), force sensor technology (FS-15iA) and much more!
  • The CRX can easily learn from you. How? Just use the manual guided teaching function to teach the Cobot. Just lead your robot to the desired position and save it on the tablet using the drag & drop functionality.
  • FANUC CRX series also offers the ideal solution for the food industry. The CRX-10iA and CRX-10iA/L robots can be equipped with NSF-H1 food-grade grease, white epoxy paint and rust/chemical resistant plating. This makes them the perfect choice for food industry applications.
  • The interface of the FANUC Robot CRX series enables an easy connection of peripheral devices such as gripper, vision, and much more. It also offers an easy installation of plugin software specifically for the peripheral device enabling a quick start.

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