DOBOT SR6-5925 can swerve at high speed without slowing down and present outstanding performance.

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  • DOBOT SR6-5925 offers a maximum 8kg end payload and a 910mm working range.
  • No matter how complex the trajectory or environment is, DOBOT SR6-5925 can swerve at high speed without slowing down and present outstanding performance.


  • Type: DT-DB-6R060-01I
  • Reach: 925mm
  • Position Repeatability: ±0.05mm
  • Net Weight: 86kg
  • User Air Pipe: φ6mm x 2
  • User Circuitstandard configuration: 16 in/16 out
  • Communication Mode: Ethernet, Modbus
  • Internal PLC: support
  • External Axis Control: support


  • Inspecting
  • Assembling
  • Measuring
  • Polishing
  • Sorting
  • Material loading and unloading

About Dobot:

  • Founded in 2015, Dobot Robotics is the creator of the world’s first desktop grade collaborative robot.
  • We offer 8 main product lines: CRA, CRAS, CR, CRS, MG400, M1 Pro, Nova, and Magician, with more than a dozen of collaborative robot models.
  • We are the first in the industry to offer a product line up that covers 0.5 to 20 kg payloads.
  • To date, Dobot has sold over 68,000 collaborative robots to 100 countries and regions and has ranked first in Chinese robot exporter by volume 5 consecutive years.
  • DOBOT  robots are currently operational across over 15 industries including consumer electronics, automotive, metal processing, semiconductor, healthcare, chemical and retail.
  • DB Cobots is a United States based master distributor of Dobot Industrial Collaborative Robots located just outside of Philadelphia in Downingtown, Pennsylvania.
  • We stock all models of Dobot Industrial Cobots and accessories and provide technical support, service and training.
  • Limited space needs with no security fence required.
  • Real-time obstacle avoidance with every-5ms dynamic monitoring, 10cm-proximity pre-touch sensing & online route planning combined to produce the best trajectory to avoid obstacles.
  • Keep your employees safe with multi protection with force sensing, obstacle avoidance & camera entry detection.
  • Easily programmable using visual, drag & drop and block-based programming language. Teachable by demonstration or single-hand guidance, real-time control on your mobile phone, iPad or tablet through Wi-Fi (Wireless Fidelity) connection.

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