Drop Ceiling Inspection Robot – GPK-32 Tracked


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  • Drop Ceiling Inspection Robot compact, durable inspection robot can traverse drop ceilings and other confined spaces like crawlspaces.
  • Its powerful light rig and 360° camera allow for thorough documentation!
  • The latest edition of our GPK line of inspection robots allows you to access and inspect drop ceilings with ease.
  • You no longer need to move a ladder around dozens of times to “pop up” ceiling tiles just to get a look around.
  • Drop ceiling and get frustrated that you can’t access an area of the ceiling because of obstacles on the floor like desks etc.
  • Basically This compact, durable inspection robot can traverse drop ceilings from a single access point.
  • Comparatively View other areas that might not support the weight of a person.
  • The GPK’s lightweight design allows it to travel across drop ceiling tiles while it records video, making it invaluable for inspections.
  • With highly maneuverable steering, the GPK can navigate over and under most obstacles found in a drop ceiling, like cable bundles etc.
  • The simple control scheme and live video feed to the remote control make the robot easy to operate and steer.
  • Documenting the location and placement of electrical lines, cabling, routers, and other equipment is simple using the Drop Ceiling GPK.
  • The combination of a powerful lighting rig and 360° camera allows users to record and map out what’s in your drop ceiling.
  • Drop Ceiling Inspection Robot Combining your 360° camera with an application like
  • Certainly Matterport enhances that recording even further, letting you measure and make notes of specific items.
  • Using an inspection robot beats the alternative where you need to find areas across the entire workspace.
  • pop up into the ceiling and look around with a flashlight.
  • Now with the GPK you just put the robot in the drop ceiling and drive it through the space!
  • Accordingly The LED light rig lights up the area around your robot to help catch every detail.
  • The main steering camera also records your video feed in HD,
  • providing further documentation for later review.
  • Basically Drop Ceiling Inspection RobotThe robot is powered using a standard DeWalt 12V battery for easy in-the-field charging.
  • Just swap the battery out and keep working!

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