Desert Coating Version with Exclusive Monster Shooter Game

  • Eilik DQ x 1
  • Accessory x 4
  • User Manual x 1
  • USB-C Cable x 1
  • Food Toy x 5



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In the backstory, Eilik Dersert Quester is a task force made up of nine Eilik members, each possessing diverse personalities. With distinctive appearances, and well-equipped, Eilik Desert Quester embodies the spirit of teamwork, resilience, problem-solving and hilarity as you can see.

The big boss you’ll face off against in this shooting game is Antmeow with two flexible and strong variations. Antmeow won’t go down without a fight! It will unleash a flurry of attacks and obstacles to test your reflexes and precision. Your mission is to defeat Antmeow. Adapt to its ever-changing forms for victory. With each level, the intensity increases, engage in fast-paced action, dodge enemy attacks, and unleash a barrage of air projectiles on tricky Antmeow.

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