FLASH Food Delivery Robot

  • Relying on advanced intelligent Reeman FLASH Food Delivery Robot for service delivery and manufacturing technology.

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  • Relying on advanced intelligent Reeman FLASH Food Delivery Robot for service delivery and manufacturing technology.
  • Deep technical barriers have been built in the fields of positioning and navigation, motion control, multi-machine scheduling.
  • Perception and obstacle avoidance, plus in restaurants, hospitals, schools, office buildings, and government affairs halls.
  • As the upgraded intelligent food delivery method of REEMAN, It can automatically deliver foods efficiently  and accurately to the dining table.


  • It serves a number of functions, such as intelligent reminder of dinner plate also.
  • Autonomous charging, and operation status prompt, which creates a novel food delivery experience additionally.
  • Laser SLAM+3D camera multi-sensor fusion algorithm, navigation and positioning accurate more.
  • Lidar detection range up to 25 meters, display real-time dynamic information around, obstacle avoidance function more flexible .
  • The unique autonomous dispatching system to Reeman, supports multi-point distribution tasks, automatically also.
  • planning the optimal path, and orderly deliver food to the designated location.
  • Different from the traditional food delivery robot, our food delivery robot does not have to post code, and the deployment is easy, fast and efficient.
  • Unlike the PUDU robot Bella and Kenon robot Flying Fish.
  • Each of our robots is equipped with an independent charging pile with a fixed charging position freely.
  • When the FLASH Food Delivery Robot power is lower than the minimum value.
  • It will automatically return to the charging pile for charging without manual operation.
  • With multi-layers tray, more plates can be put on
  • Intelligent voice broadcast, automatic broadcast after arriving at the food delivery position, save time
  • and efficient.
  • Intelligent light interaction, deliver food for many tables, the light state indication is clearer.
  • FLASH Food Delivery Robot Screen display to take food, when arriving at the destination, the screen display to take food.


Operating System: Android 5.1 operating system and above
Net Weight: About 40KG
Tray Size: 335X465mm (4 layers in total)
Overall Size: 540X360X1216mm
Plate Cleaning: Detachable
Battery Parameters: LiFePO4 battery 25.6V/25Ah
Network Method: WIFI
Light Color: fluorescent green
Screen: 7 inches resolution 1024×600
Pallet Weight Limit: 15kg/layer
Voice Prompts: Customizable voice
Task Configuration: Customize task settings
Battery Life: Around 15 hours battery life
Movement Parameters: Climbing: 5°;Rotation Radius: 0,

Swing Radius: 254mm;

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