The hydrogen peroxide vaporization technology combined with mobility and smart navigation systems allow these robots to comprehensively sterilize a room within a few minutes leaving eradicating viruses and germs as well as the likelihood of human error.



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  • No installation, debugging and training of engineering personnel is needed. After the user receives the product and adds the disinfectant, he can start disinfecting with one key.
  • SIFROBOT-6.61 will automatically explore the surrounding environment to generate a map, and plan the bow path or the shortest path (selected by the user).
  • SIFROBOT-6.61 has planned the path, it can execute fixed-point arrival travel mode or automatic cruise travel mode.
  • Thanks to the laser sensors SIFROBOT-6.61 will automatically avoid the obstacle when planning the route.When SIFROBOT-6.61 faces power shortage or lack of lack of disinfectant, it will automatically return to the charging base to make up electricity or wait for the supplement of disinfectant.
  • The robot’s movements can be displayed on the mobile phone in real time and user can remotely control the robot through the mobile app (app needs to be installed, and the robot needs to be in Wi-Fi environment)

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