Inventory that is lost or misplaced can cost millions of dollars in expedites, reorders, and write-offs, as well as countless hours spent looking for it. Physical counts take hours of hard labor and are often performed just once or twice a year. RFID asset tagging improves inventory tracking, boosts accuracy, and saves time right away.


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  • Inventory tracking and continuous cycle counts
  • Locate lost inventory with the use of powerful data visualization.
  • Disparate inventory counts can be highlighted using reporting tools.
  • At the docks, check inbound and outgoing traffic.
  • Data collection is automated 24 hours a day, seven days a week, including autonomous charging.
  • Meet the Robots Expediting Production Lines
  • Three RFID antennas provide complete coverage in a single pass.
  • For constant and maximal tag finding, use a precise route and placement.
  • Even on tall shelves, 82 degrees of sensor coverage* allows you to access labeled objects.
  • Up to 7.6m (25ft) of read range

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